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Do you have experience with mental illness?

I want to hear your story, your words. 

Over the next few months I am inviting you to describe a feeling, share a poem or simply just one word about your experience with mental health. Selected submissions will be visually responded to over the next few months.

Submission info:

To get involved in the discussion about mental health, simply fill in the submission box below and click 'Submit'. 
All submissions must be 80 characters or less. All submissions will be anonymously posted alongside an image.

To inspire conversations about mental health and raise awareness.

To work collaboratively, include my audience and creative a wider narrative about people’s experiences with their mental health.

Your submission 

Thanks for submitting!


These are the images produced from your generous contributions. Thank you to all that have shared Your Story, Your Words.

This gallery will be added to regulary, so please do check back.

"Perpetually wandering, light headed yet heavy footed and heavy hearted on this slow, vibrating stage."

- anonymous  

"The hardest days are the ones where you have to fill your own emptiness. But when you can, it is worth the effort."

- anonymous  

"I pray for the day I feel like me again, a clear mind without any clutter."

- anonymous  

“A shadow attached to your soul forever that you can never cut away.”

- anonymous  

"Million voices in my head talking loudly, a bad dream whilst being awake."

- anonymous